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What’s the best place to purchase both auto and home insurance from?

When you are looking to purchase homeowner and auto insurance it really pays to shop around all the different companies online. You will find out that mostly all the companies that have both insurance types on offer can provide you with a multi policy discount. Companies also value a new customer so upon joining them they will offer you a very competitive company or some kind of incentive to move from your existing company. Having you insurance policies operating through the same company will allow you to manage the one relationship and should give you a greater customer experience.

So to find your home insurance and auto insurance combo have a good search around. You may find that some local comapanies in your state can offer you a better deal than some of the larger companies. Get online or on the phone get quotes from at least 10-20 different companies. When you have then got the list down to 3-4 companies you can then check them out with the BBB and also any state or local consumer protection office. It is worth checking also that you are definatley getting a better rate when you combine both insurance types with the same company.

We have had some good feedback on State Farm with customers quoting that they paid a bit more on their premiums with State farm but the customer service is real good and anyone who has required to place a claim has always been treated well and the claims handled quickly and effectively. The same comments have come from customers using Metropolitan Life insurance also and they do good deals on customers purchasing both basic homeowners insurance and auto insurance in a package.

It is also worth looking into using an insurance broker. They do this for a living and really know the market and offers that are out there like the back of their hand. Due to the complex nature of insurance products and the multitude of companies out there with different plans it is near impossible to really compare all the different offers by yourself. Insurance brokers can do all this work for you based on your insurance requirements. You should find you will pay less after using an insurance broker.

The bottom line is that there is no one “best” or “cheapest” insurance package. You need to do the shopping around and once you colate all the information and quotes weigh up all the options and make the decision.

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Where is the best place to find home owner Insurance policy for Rental Property?

home owner insurance
I have a rental property, which I want to insure? Where would be the best place I can get help? Anyone know.

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Tips to Lower your Homeowners Insurance

If you have been a homeowner for a number of years you will know what hassle homeowners insurance can be, the rates normally rise year upon year and the criteria to get coverage for certain things or at the adequate levels for the right price can be hard to find.

But there are a few things that you can do and look out for to get your home insurance premiums down. Here at basic homeowners insurance we have collated a little list of some tips that can help you get a better deal on your homeowner insurance.

Good Credit Scores Lower Insurance Rates

If you have bad credit then your insurance rates and coverage may not be what you want and afford. Ensure that you get a credit report, check it for errors and keep up payments. Many insurance companies can view your credit rating to be a indication of any future potential losses for them.

Check That House Out Thoroughly

If your looking to get a new house make sure you do sufficient checks on its condition. You need to find out if the house has had any problems in the past. A house that has had any flooding issues or issues with structural damage will make it difficult for you to get insurance coverage for your new home. You can get what is called a CLUE report which will help you to identify any claims that have been filed for against the home.

Claim on your Homeowners Insurance Wisely

Insurance companies track what past claims you have made so if you find that any damage or loss to your house does not cost much it’s normally clever to just pay for it out of your own pocket as claiming will only increase your insurance premium to a level which will mean you will suffer a loss later on down the line. Also by taking this attitude it will ensure you are still insurable and that you have the coverage for when it may really be needed, for the expensive stuff.

Follow these tips to get the best deals on your basic homeowners insurance.

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Check your Basic Insurance Coverage

When you look for your insurance you have to remember there is a lot more to take into consideration than how much your policy will cost. You have to check with your homeowner insurance company what your basic homeowners insurance policy covers and what level of protection you are receiving.

You will find that with most basic homeowner insurance deals that the structure of the house is covered along with some cover on the contents of the house. This needs to be checked though as companies can differ on what basic insurance covers.

Most basic packages for insurance will not cover certain types of property damage.  Damage to the home from either earthquakes and floods will most of the time warrant and extra policy to cover these situations. If you are living in an area where these types of disasters are common then it is wise to get homeowners insurance cover for these situations.

Upon getting an insurance policy set up the homeowner insurance company will have a value set as to what the basic policy covers for values and possessions. You may find that you need to add onto the policy to cover any additional amounts not covered by the basic homeowners insurance. You will have to check also if there is a cap on the amount paid out on expensive items and if needed add an extra policy to cover any additional amounts.

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Save on your Basic Homeowners Insurance

It’s possible to save on your homeowners insurance if you know how. You can get discounts on your premiums for a variety of reasons, things you may never had thought would have an impact on what you pay to a homeowner insurance company. For example insurance premiums can be affected by what material your house is made from, the distance you live from a fire station and your credit rating to name a few.

The best way to get a deal on a homeowners policy is to take a good shop around. Compare lots of insurance companies and find out from family and friends if they are happy with their current home insurance policies. It’s important to make sure you get a lot of different quotes from insurance companies and make sure you understand exactly what the policy covers. There are certain sites in which you can compare insurance companies against one another to get you the best quotes.

Another important point to note is to look for discounts from the companies when you purchase your homeowner insurance basic plan. A lot of companies offer discounts you just need to make sure you are aware of what they are and that you are able to have certain discounts. The main thing is to make sure you ask your insurer on what discounts they have. Some common basic home owner insurance discounts:

  • Senior Citizen discounts
  • Non smoker discount
  • Discounts for having safety features like fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, smoke alarms etc
  • Discounts for purchasing auto insurance through the same company

One thing that alot of people don’t take advantage of is to raise your deductible of your homeowners insurance plan. The deductible is the amount that you have to pay towards a loss before your policy will then pay for any loss or damage. The higher the deductible the lower your premium will be. You will find that the amount you save will surpass this deductible amount anyhow so it’s sometimes smart to have a higher deductible set.

Another way to save on homeowners insurance is to see if your company or any association you belong to has deals set up with insurance companies that normally could include generous discounts for the members.

If you stay with your insurance company for a number of years you should have a reduction by the company on your premiums, a lot of companies do this so if yours is not request why not. For being loyal to the company you should be rewarded in some way.

These are just a few things to help you save on your home insurance basic plans, make sure you put these into action when searching for any new insurance policies.

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What is Homeowners Insurance

Over the next few weeks we will be providing you with information about Basic Homeowners Insurance. It’s difficult to find out about what homeowners insurance is, what it covers and the factors that help to determine what the premiums for a policy would be.

When you purchase a house it’s a home but it’s also an investment made. To protect that investment you need to protect it with the best home insurance policy that you can afford.

The list below shows you some of what basic homeowners insurance can cover. You home and your personal property can be covered against damage from the following:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Wind, lightning, hail
  • Explosion
  • Any plumbing damage
  • Automobiles

As you can see damage from most types of disasters are covered from the basic home insurance policies. But there are a few things that are not covered such as floods and earthquakes. These two cause the most damage to your property and you will need separate policies to cover protection from floods and earthquakes in most cases.

Another thing that you need to check from your homeowner insurance company is that of maintenance problems. Normally any damage relating to poor management/maintenance of your home will be down to the responsibility of the homeowners.

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Welcome To Basic Homeowners Insurance

Thanks for visiting Basic Homeowners Insurance. We will be taking the time to gather all the information you need to understand and learn about insurance basics for homeowners. So if your looking to find out about what levels of Basic Homeowners Insurance is available or about the factors involved in a standard home owners insurance policy then you have come to the right place.

If you have any questions on Basic Homeowners Insurance then please let us know. Thanks for visiting us and check back regularly for updates.

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