Basic Homeowners Insurance | What’s the best place to purchase both auto and home insurance from?

What’s the best place to purchase both auto and home insurance from?

When you are looking to purchase homeowner and auto insurance it really pays to shop around all the different companies online. You will find out that mostly all the companies that have both insurance types on offer can provide you with a multi policy discount. Companies also value a new customer so upon joining them they will offer you a very competitive company or some kind of incentive to move from your existing company. Having you insurance policies operating through the same company will allow you to manage the one relationship and should give you a greater customer experience.

So to find your home insurance and auto insurance combo have a good search around. You may find that some local comapanies in your state can offer you a better deal than some of the larger companies. Get online or on the phone get quotes from at least 10-20 different companies. When you have then got the list down to 3-4 companies you can then check them out with the BBB and also any state or local consumer protection office. It is worth checking also that you are definatley getting a better rate when you combine both insurance types with the same company.

We have had some good feedback on State Farm with customers quoting that they paid a bit more on their premiums with State farm but the customer service is real good and anyone who has required to place a claim has always been treated well and the claims handled quickly and effectively. The same comments have come from customers using Metropolitan Life insurance also and they do good deals on customers purchasing both basic homeowners insurance and auto insurance in a package.

It is also worth looking into using an insurance broker. They do this for a living and really know the market and offers that are out there like the back of their hand. Due to the complex nature of insurance products and the multitude of companies out there with different plans it is near impossible to really compare all the different offers by yourself. Insurance brokers can do all this work for you based on your insurance requirements. You should find you will pay less after using an insurance broker.

The bottom line is that there is no one “best” or “cheapest” insurance package. You need to do the shopping around and once you colate all the information and quotes weigh up all the options and make the decision.

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